31 July 2010

Hair...humm sure it said BLONDE on the box!!!?!

Sooo a few days ago i decided to dye my hair a shade darker, i keep going from blonde to brown and can never decide which i like best.Im a blonde at heart but been dark i SO much easyer!Ive dyed it a chocolate brown a few times but always gone back to blonde..My roots started to come through again and its expencive £60 every few weeks to get roots done, so i went into town and found a darker shade of blonde hoping it would still be a blonde but just dark enough so my roots did stand out.When ever ive done my hair myself ive used perfect 10 so thats what i went for again. Perfect 10 dark frosted blonde. That night me and my sister both did or hair, i was very unsure if i shud do it or not because i love my blonde but i did it.... anddddddddd hummmm not so blonde anymore! deffinitely should of said brown on the box! I dont mind the colour it has turned out because ive been dark before so it wasnt so much of a shock but if it was my first time i would of been freaking out seeing the colour getting dark and darker.I dont know how they get away with putting blonde on the box!! I dint leave it on for any longer than it said if anything i washed it of before 10 minutes because it was looking so dark!
Have any of you had this with perfect 10 before?
Here is my hair before..

The colour...



  1. Aww Hun! What a joke, it turned your hair that colour?! I my hair is bleach blonde and I get my mam to dye my hair with the jermone russel stuff! but when I am at uni my roots suffer alot! Your new hair colour looks nice, and I am sure it suits you I am sooooo tempted to dye mine brown but I seriously cannot do it, your brave! I always tell myself I will when I settle down with someone haha! Great blog by the way! I enjoyed reading it!


  2. aww pretty! I always do my hair that way :)

  3. Your story is the story of MY LIFE!
    My hair is SUPER dark right now. The picture that's set up as my profile picture is how my hair was BEFORE. I wanted a color almost exactly like the one on the box that you chose, and ended up with SUPER DARK hair (pictures on my Barbie cake post).
    I know you didn't want that color, but the color it ended up as is really a gorgeous color!
    I need to dye my hair again, I'm gonna go for a color like yours but a tad bit lighter.

  4. thanks adele it was so hard for me the first time and very time i do it, its a big change lol but it is sooooo much easyer!!i do always end up back blonde tho lol :) x

    Thank you kim :) x

    tell me about it nora lol it has never gone the colour it says when i did a chocolate colour last time it looked black!! even when i dont leave it on as long its still darker! x


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