30 July 2010

Eyeshadow palettes...

When i first started watching youtube tutorials i noticed palettes like the 120 and 88 palettes were used alot and they were very cheap for the amount of shadows you got. After a while i decided to try them out for myself so i had a search around different site to find the cheapest ones. I was about to place an order with coastal scents when i found the same palette on ebay for alot less around £7.50 including poastage!! I went for the 120 palette simply because it had the most shades i could find and i did want to start using more colour with i didn't really end up doing for everyday looks. The package was coming from china so i had around a 10 day wait. I was happy with the 120 palette some of the shadows did break up quite fast and easyer than others. I also found i only used a select few moslty the browns, silvers and blacks, every now and again i would used some of the colourful ones. I do love the palette and think it is worth having would be great for people who love bright eye colours.

I recently came across the 26 neutral palette with i had to have! I am really into the neutral eye look at the minute. Once again i looked at different sites and found ebay once again the cheapest at aound £8.00 inculding postage! I LOVE this palette so much i use it everyday. If you ae into the neutual look i would deffenitly recomend trying this palette.


  1. I really want one of these palettes they both look fab but I think the neutral one is alot more me :) Thanks for sharing ill have to have a pop on ebay and look at these :)x

  2. yeah i would totally recommend trying the neutral :) you cant go wrong :). its great i use it everyday! x


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