31 December 2010

Sparkle -Sleek plalette swatches

Here is sleeks limited addition sparkle palette which is full with great sparkly colours perfect for party's.

All the shades in this palette have names with them unlike all the other palettes i have,which makes it easyer..

from the top left...
Cranberry,Dream maker, Galactic,Twinkle,Star light,noir,
Illsion,Festive,Mistletoe,Glitz&Glamour,Gold ribbon,Tinsel.

All super pigmented, the thing i love about these is that the sparkle is all different colours and not just gold or silver just makes it look prettier and more fun :)

You cant really see it from the pictures it looks all silver :( ill try and get a better close up picture :)

Which is your favourite sleek palette?

Again all £5.99

Laura xxx

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas :)..

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy christmas i hope you all had a great day :)
I had such a good time seeing my boys faces when they ran in the room and saw santa had been :)

Im looking forward to reading all your posts :)  

                                                               What did you get? xxx

20 December 2010

Sleek Orignal palette swatches

Here are some swatches from Sleeks original palette.
 Another great palette again very pigmented.
I have heard some of these colours are great dupes for some Mac shadows, bottom row the third in is like Expensive Pink and the one next to it Coppering, so if you have spent up on Christmas presents and can't afford Mac these are some great dupes to try out.
I really like these palettes and have found myself reaching for these everyday over my other eye shadows,the mirror in the top of the palette is great too.
These have to be my favourite drug store eye shadows that i have found so far.


All for £5.99!!
Laura xxx

16 December 2010

Mac haul...

I feel like i haven't blogged in forever! My head has just been mashed this last week and i haven't been able to sit down and concentrate on writing a post,Ive tryed every night i have about 7 half written posts that need to be finished!

Ive been busy trying to get the house sorted for Christmas and all the shopping done (still not!) plus my sister has been shopping over and if you follow me on twitter you might have seen that my grandad died last week which has hit the family hard.

In the middle of all this i picked up some MAC things while doing our Christmas shopping which meant i got to visit a counter and get matched for foundation.I had been asking on twitter for help as i really wanted a new foundation with more coverage but wasn't sure on my colour and couldn't get anywhere to find out which meant order online with a guess, i ended up going for NW25.
I wanted to try a few out so asked the girl at the counter and she tryed on on me along with a concealer and......when i looked which she has picked for me i was really pleased NW25 :).
Here's everything i got..

Studio fix fluid NW25
Studio sculpt NW25
Studio sculpt concealer NW25
Technakohl liner-Graphblack
Satin taupe
Studio sculpt foundation
This is what i ordered online with the lucky guess of nw25-perfect :)
really like this so far.

Studio fix fluid-nw25

studio sculpt & studio fix
sculpt is more of a gel & fix is more water based
Studio sculpt concealer-nw25
sculpted concealer,sculpt foundation,fix

Graphblack,sculpted concealer,sculpt foundation,fix
Satin taupe

Graphblack,sculpted concealer,sculpt foundation,fix,satin taupe.

I will do reviews on these when i have tryed them out a bit more and let you all know what i think :)
Whats your favourite foundation?

RIP Grandad <3


6 December 2010

Storm palette ...sleek

I love this palette, my favourite sleek palette i have tryed and i think will be my most used.
There is just such a great variety of shades that i use everyday from the light and dark browns to greys, blues and black.
I think this is the perfect palette as you can go from day looks to night looks with it.
Also if you are wanting a matte or shimmery look it has a variety of both...

..all for £5.99.


Took a while to get her but i am very happy with it.
The shadows are very highly pigmented some more than others, the only thing about it im not sure about is how fast they will run out as the very highly pigmented one don't seem like they will last very long but at £5.99 cant really complain :)
Laura xXx

4 December 2010

sleek blushes...rose gold & pixie pink

Rose gold...

This is a really lovely warm shade with a gold shimmer to it.
It has great colour pay of, i think this maybe a new favourite...
Also has been compared to NARs orgasm.

Pixie Pink...
Very pretty matte pink which is highly pigmented.
It may look scary at first as it is such a bright barbie bubblegum pink but applied lightly it gives such a lovely shade.
It is build able so if you like a stronger blush its great also great for a quick day to night fix....use it lightly through the day and just add a little extra for a stronger night look.

Sleek say...
A highly pigmented blusher to brighten and define cheekbones. The silky-fine formulation provides long lasting blusher which helps to create a subtle but radiant cheek area.

Love these two colours, definitely will be coming up in future FOTDs :)

Laura xXx

2 December 2010

great sleek giveaway....

Cheekys beauty blog is having a great giveaway click here .
Its ends jan 1st.
Go take a look :)
Laura xxx

johnsons face care & visiby clear...

As my Simple make up remover and cleanser was running low i decided to go for something different this time i want to try out different bands to find better things. I have a habit of finding something i think is good and sticking will it when there are better things out there.

I decided to go for Johnson's face care, i have quite sensitive dry skin or i wanted to go for something that i knew wouldn't be to harsh.
Plus it was only £4 for both items at boots!
I have been using these for a few weeks now and so far i love them a lot more than simple i find they fake my make up of a lot easier and faster.
I eye make up remover has a weird feeling to it not bad but usually you can feel the coldness of a product on your face but with this you cant.

The refreshing cleansing lotion its lovely it smells really fresh and citrusy not something i would expect from a Johnson's product i really like this it leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed :).

I find this quite strong smelling and stings my eyes a little when i use it on my cheeks/nose.
I have never used anything like this before so wanted to give it a try .
I have noticed it working although i will probably try a different one next time to see if theres one with a better smell.
I think this was just under £4 from boots.

1 December 2010

Fanta, cola lips?....

I seem to have been buying a lot of lip products recently, its not something i usually get lots of but they just seem to be catching my eye while shopping at the moment.
Here are 3 i got last week (i have got more since so will review them in a later post).

These so lip smackers caught my eye while at the till in primark, there not something i would usually look twice at especially in primark but that day they did.I was really curious to know what they smelled like and at only £1.50 each i threw them in my basket.
They smell so good,really sweet.
The fanta one smells orangey just like fanta and the cola one smells like the little penny cola bottles.
They do have a few other flavours i want to try out,
cherry cola
and im sure there was another but i cant remember :/.
I think these would make a great little stocking filler for sisters,daughters,friends.
They are really nice on the lips moisturising and not drying at all and they smell amazing :).

I also pick up the little Green tin from superdrug this is such great value for money at less than £1.
Smells just like apples :)
same feeling as works just like vasaline but with a yummy smell :).

Great to keep in your bag through winter :)


28 November 2010

My hair history....

Hi guys :)
I thought i would take you through my hair history as i got blonder and blonder then from blonde to brown a million times...ok that maybe a bit of exaggeration but youl see. I love seeing these types of posts so thought i would share mine with you :).
The first two were taken in 2005 in my last year at high school i had been getting high lights for a while but i think this is around the time that you can really see and i cant find any earlyer pictures on my computer lol.


Then here is 2006 when it starts to get blonder and i wore extensions alot, glued in ones aswell, not good i would not recommend and would NEVER have them again! It hurt so much trying to get them out and half my hair came out with them. I have worn clip-in ones since.

2007 (september)
This was taken when we went to butlins in skegness for my birthday (30th september). I cant belive how much weight i put on in a year!
2007 (sometime between october and december.
I noticed while looking through my picture my hair got a lot blonder as i lost weight.
I think i lost 2and a half1-2 stone between my birthday pics (30th sept)and christmas.

2007 new years eve.
Christmas time :) very happy and blonde :)

2008 jan-feb
This is a few days after i found out i was pregnant i decided to finally go dark i had been thinking about it for a while and this was the decider.I didnt want to put bleach on my head all the time while pregnant so i went for it.So scary!!
Half way through and still rocking the brown with little jake in my belly :)

Our yearly trip to isle of wight (jason has family there) as you can see here i was missing the blonde and had a few highlights.(after looking on the internet alot and finding it isnt as bad as dyeing your full head as when bleaching the product does touch you scalp).

2008 august day before sisters wedding around 34weeks pregnant.
And here with my hugeee baby belly i when a bit lighter it was summer and my sister was getting marryed :).

2008 somtime between oct and december.
I went dark again! Its was easyer especially having a newborn to look after i didnt think about my hair for a while.

August 2009 jasons mums wedding abput 35-36 weeks pregnant.
Few highlights again-no extentions! pregnancy worked miricals for my hair lol.
Cringe!!hate this picture!

2009 December
Oh supiseee were back dark LOL
Christmas day :)

Around may i think, summers coming and i miss blonde!

Summer 2010

Roots were annoying me again so put a dark blonde colour on and it came out like this.

I had some layers put in and a light brown colour on.

September 2010
Mt birthday this year not sure if i had put another colour on between these picture but here it has started fading.

And finally now!

Which do you prefer blonde or dark?
Thinking of going blonde again :/
Suprised i have any hair left lol

Laura xXx

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